European Cruises:
History’s Secrets in
Aquatic Time Machines

European cruises have so much to offer if you want to learn more about the history of civilization and the world's rich cultures. And even if History was your most boring subject in school, know that....

Not only geeks can learn from History!

By going back in time, you will:

  • Absorb a lot of information like a geek sponge....
  • Understand better how great people and events influenced the course of history....
  • Realize how cultures were, or are being shaped in areas like religion, art, literature, music, architecture, technology, business, etc.
  • Analyze how globalization affects our daily lives

Going on a cruise is fun for anybody.... Inspired by old world European navigators and their expeditions, anyone can rediscover the new "old world" on modern European cruises.

Make every voyage one of discovery and add them to your personal “historical archives”. In these modern times, you can even create a website to chronicle your travels, just like the Italian trader, Marco Polo, who got a writer to record his journeys to China.... and went down in history.....

Apply History On Your Next Journey

If you’re planning a cruise, we’ll help you step a (nautical) mile in the e-shoes of famous seafarers from ancient, medieval, and modern history.

Imagine this..... You are the expedition strategist of Eric the Red, Columbus, Magellan, or Vespucci..... the Information Age. How cool is that?

Unlike those great explorers, you have the ability to look up in advance the places you want to "conquer".

Talk about great strategy! Think like Prince Henry the Navigator.... the guy knew everything.... and he was never there.... Now you can focus on a mission.....


Choose any of the navigation buttons on the left or click on the links on this page. Learn from experiences of explorers at a given time in history.

Are you ready to re-live history and have fun in the process? Chart your ocean or river cruise. Pack your e-bags. Become a full-fledged explorer or navigator.

As captain of your expedition, familiarize yourself with your vessel by browsing ship reviews of modern-day cruise lines. Don't forget to load your provisions (food, wine, vitamins) for the rest of our expedition.

And by the way ... we are not just skippers at sea. We also explore on foot, by land, and by rail. Many historical places and landmarks can only be reached this way. Recall how Alexander the Great conquered lands as far as India with his cavalry and infantry!

If you prefer to travel by air, a travel advisor can help you get to and from Europe, or anywhere in the world.

Ahh ... Life is good ....

Visit us often and feel free to let us know your thoughts or to share your experiences on your European cruises and voyages.

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